Addressing Community Concerns Regarding Noise

February 16, 2024

Dear Windsor Community,

We want to openly address the impact of the noise generated by our snow-making equipment at Hoedown Hill, which has unfortunately become an unforeseen nuisance to our local community.  Upon recognizing this concern, we have been actively collaborating with Urban Solution Group, renowned experts in noise mitigation, to thoroughly comprehend the complexities of sound transmission and its effects on our community.

In our quest for resolution, we have diligently experimented with various sound mitigation strategies, including sound blockage and redirection, among others. However, after careful evaluation, it has become evident that the most effective long-term solution is to transition to quieter models of snow-making machines. Regrettably, the availability of these alternative models for installation is not expected until this upcoming summer, at the earliest.

While we remain steadfast in our pursuit of a permanent fix, we are equally committed to addressing the immediate needs of our community. Consequently, we have made the decision to revise our snow-producing hours of operation. Although this adjustment may affect the quality of snow at Hoedown Hill, we prioritize maintaining harmonious relations with our community above all else.

Effective immediately, we will cease the operation of snow-making equipment between the hours of 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM.

The Water Valley Company takes immense pride in being an integral part of the community we serve. We steadfastly refuse to prioritize financial gains over the peace and well-being of our residents. Each member of our community holds immeasurable value to us, and we extend our sincerest apologies to anyone inconvenienced or frustrated by our snow-making equipment.

Please be assured that we are actively pursuing a long-term solution with the utmost urgency. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work towards resolving this issue swiftly and effectively.


Tyler Lind

COO Hospitality and Leisure
The Water Valley Company